Tyrael’s Charger: Diablo-Themed Mount Now Available in WoW

World of Warcraft: Tyrael’s Charger Causes Controversy with Trading Post Feature

In the past few months, World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight has enjoyed a lot of rewarding content both inside and outside the game. Players have gotten their hands on a range of fantastic and unique cosmetics, especially through features like World of Warcraft’s Trading Post and Twitch Drops. However, not all players are satisfied with the way some of these rewards are implemented. A new addition to the game is two more ways for players to obtain a famous item, the Wow mount called Tyrael’s Charger.

Tyrael’s Charger is a tribute to the character of the same name in the Diablo franchise, with the aesthetics of an armored Pegasus full of angelic energy. This mount remained unreachable for over ten years, but the main problem is not its sudden reappearance, but its relationship to World of Warcraft’s new feature, the Trading Post.

Many toys, transmogs, pets, and mounts have found their way into Dragonflight, but like Tyrael’s Charger, not all are brand new. Many recurring models, either previously unused or unavailable for years, were provided to players either through Twitch promotions or through the Warcraft Trading Post. Against this backdrop, the sudden loss of exclusivity of Tyrael’s Charger is nothing unusual. It was originally awarded to players in 2011 who purchased a 12-month World of Warcraft subscription, and then briefly appeared in Wow’s in-game store as part of the New Year’s sale in 2023.

Blizzard has announced that World of Warcraft will hold an event to celebrate the release of Diablo, the long overdue fourth installment. As part of these celebrations, players can earn a range of Diablo-themed cosmetics, including Tyrael’s Charger. The event will only last a short time, but it is likely that many players will add the angelic mount to their collection.

Some believe that players who obtained Tyrael’s Charger all those years ago should keep their unique mount, and that it should remain forever unattainable. However, since the mount was a reward that simply required the purchase of a subscription, many do not agree with this opinion.

What causes the most problems, however, is the strong evidence that Tyrael’s Charger will soon arrive at World of Warcraft’s Trading Post, probably after the Diablo event is over. The player base is torn mainly because of the occasional exchange of cosmetics between the Trading Post and the in-game shop. If real money is used instead of the Trading Post to buy a mount, players who can spend money inevitably have the advantage of hoarding more trader’s tender.

The most beneficial decision would probably be to stay away from Trading Post cosmetics and stick to World of Warcraft’s in-game shop, but perhaps the amount of trader’s tender that players can earn every month will also be expanded. This would mean that players need not fear spending their valuable currency in case they can’t afford anything else later, which is the main motivation for them to buy items with real money.

Regardless of which solution is best, Tyrael’s Charger will continue to be a gift in World of Warcraft, hopefully fueling the hype around the release of Diablo 4. The Trading Post may be the center of controversy in the coming months, but for now, it remains an overall positive addition to the game.

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